Green Video-on-Demand (VOD) for Large-Scale Datacenters

Recent evidence suggests that global warming and climate change are primarily caused by greenhouse emissions from human activities. As a result, several “green” initiatives have been proposed to reduce carbon footprint. Our work in this area has focused primarily on green computing and communication in large scale datacenters where the cost to run and cool servers is becoming prohibitive. The main theme of our work has been smart disk storage/retrieval schemes that adapt resources to meet performance demands at lower overall energy cost.

In our work, we have focused on high-throughput applications such video-on-demand (or VOD), which are projected to account for over 90\% of internet traffic in the near future and will only exacerbate the energy issue in datacenters. Prior work in video streaming applications has shown that not all video data has the same visual importance. Put simply, some data can be lost or eliminated from the stream without heavily impacting the end user experience. In our research, we proposed an optimization scheme that reduces VOD server disk energy by retrieving only the data necessary to meet video quality constraints. For obtaining better performance, we also proposed novel data placement schemes for the server disks that resulted in better tradeoff between the quality delivered and energy overheads. The placement schemes followed two main principles: (i) allow faster and more energy efficient access for more popular videos; (ii) allow easier access to the data that can provide at least the minimum acceptable quality for all videos. Results showed that our approaches could decrease disk energy overheads and increase disk throughput with only a small degradation in video quality.

Our Conference and Journal Papers

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